According to our policies, all projects and essays that we have written shall remain the property of onlinegradesavers.com until the transfer of ownership to the client. Therefore, the client shall only own the articles after making the full payment. That is why we don’t allow our writers or staff to use the papers elsewhere for any purposes.
And even after the payment, we don’t allow our writers to use the essays or research papers. Hence, we kindly advise anyone who wants to use our articles to rewrite or rephrase, any information they want to use. You should know that coping any of our materials without permission will be an offense, punishable by law. After all, the copyright for our contents belongs to our company.
Our company doesn’t approve, nor support any other web pages that resemble onlinegradesavers.com. Moreover, we neither fund, support, nor provide content for any other websites except the onlinegradesavers.com. Therefore, we are not responsible for any of such sites.

Disclaimer on Integrity

Grade savers only assist you in writing your essays papers. We also help students to conduct researches, write dissertations, thesis, term papers, or any other academic related paperwork. But our writers don’t engage in examination irregularities. Hence, we don’t encourage academic fraud of any nature.
Our company doesn’t promote any sexual harassment to our clients by any of our writers or staff. We have trained our team to observe a level of dignity and respect while interacting with clients. So, we advise both the clients and our staffs to refrain from any violence or sexual engagement online.
Therefore, clients and writers shall engage only on matters about academic writing and how to save the student’s grade. Advocating for religious or political views is highly discouraged by our policies within the platform.

Disclaimer on Communication Channels
So, you shall only submit any data or information relating to the task via our communication channels. We discourage our clients from sending any information to the writer’s email account. Since we have transparent methods of communication, you don’t have a reason to doubt. Also, we record the communication history with the client. Then we store and back up for quality service enhancement, and improvement of customer experience on our site.
Grade savers’ website uses cookies and other technology software to track how a client uses the website. Our system tracks information such as; visited pages, time of visiting, and the frequency of our users accessing the site. Then, we use such information to improve the client’s experience and help us make better services to our users. For more information, kindly refer to the Cookie Policy.
We may also gather the IP addresses, types of browser, the amount of time our clients spend using our services, and client’s preferred languages. Also, we may want to know even the types of devices our clients use to access our website so that we improve our services to our customers.
However, there is no hidden agenda about the collection of these data except for improving our services. After all, the information we collect we store and back up. Then, we only use them for onlinegradesavers.com. We don’t disclose or sell the details to any third party who is not part of the contract.

Disclaimer Regarding Payment
You shall only make payments for the essay papers and any other services following the pricing method of grade savers. Besides, the client shall make the payment in advance. And we shall only begin writing the task once the client has paid for it.
Also, we shall give every client the freedom to pay in installments ONLY if the client’s request meets the following conditions:

  • If the project has at least a price value of $500.
  • If the client shall commit the first payment immediately upon reception of the first payment link.

The company has the rights to stop the client from split-payment, especially in the case where it’s against our regulations. And may later make it difficult to finish the order.
In the case where the client doesn’t pay within a specified period, we can cancel it. Or temporarily suspend the task until the client duly pays all the amount.
Also, there is the third member personal information that we will require for the ‘Affiliate Program Usage.’ The data is crucial. But we will use it correctly to promote our services, or for identifying other potential clients.
Lastly, you are supposed to use the products and services that onlinegradesavers.com provides for academic, study, and research purposes ONLY.