These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about eminencewriters.com

General Questions

Who are the eminencewriters.com?

We are an online writing company that has created a unique platform to assist college students with writing services for their assignments. The company has a pool of professional writers who can handle academic essays and other paper works. And as our name suggests, we help in saving students’ grades.

What is the Mission of the Company?

Our mission in the industry is to provide unique and professional writing services to students at an affordable cost. Quality inspires us, and we would maintain top quality services. Also, we train, employ, and expose budding writers to the field. So, our writers can sustain themselves even as they continue to learn. You can learn more if you visit About Us.

How does eminencewriters.com work?

To learn how we work, please visit How It Works to learn about our services and also get a comprehensive guide on how to work with us.

Why Should I choose to work with grade savers?

We are the writing service company that you would want to have a long term project. It’s because we uphold consistency, professionalism, reliability, conciseness, and timeliness. At eminencewriters.com, you will find a dedicated team that will serve you well. We believe our clients are our masters; that is why we dedicate our services to them.

Why Should I Choose to be a writer with eminencewriters?

Being a writer at our company comes with a lot of benefits. These benefits include:

  • The company offers training and career growth for writers.
  • It’s simple to register with us
  • We have a consistent flow of tasks and essays to write.
  • Our salaries are favorable and negotiable.
  • Our payment system is transparent.
  • We give monthly bonuses to our hardworking writers.
  • We have a patient, professional, and reliable support staff.

To learn more about how you can be a writer with grade savers, please visit About Us.

Can I be a writer when I have a fulltime job elsewhere?

Absolutely. The system is flexible enough to allow you to work when you are available. We don’t strictly provide specific working hours; neither do we allocate jobs to writers when they are not available. So with our system, you can work only when you are free.

Procedural and Operational Questions

How does eminencewriters.com work?

It’s quite a simple procedure. Our clients are given a step to step guide on how they can place the order for an essay. After completing the order form which is available online, one makes the payment for the order via a secure gateway. After which, the client waits for our writers to deliver the essay within the timeline.

The steps are as simple as:

  • Fill the online order form
  • Make the payment for the order.
  • A professional writer is assigned and begins working straight away.
  • The writer completes and submits the task.
  • The client can download the paper and check if it’s to standard.

Do you provide revision services?

In case our client is not satisfied with how we have written the essay, we guarantee unlimited revision services. Our writer will redo the paper, taking into consideration the remarks from the client.

Is Confidentiality guaranteed?

We respect and observe policies that deal with privacy and data protection of our clients. So, at eminencewriters, we guarantee you 100% confidentiality. We don’t share, sell, or use the personal information of our clients without their consent. This vital information includes but not limited to your phone number, email address, or name. Also, we neither store nor collect the details on our clients’ credit cards. After all, we complete all the payments are through a secure and confidential gateway (PayPal).

How do I Access My Completed Essay?

Once the writer has finished writing your essay, our editors will review it to ensure it meets all the requirements. After that, they submit it, and you will receive an email notification for the task. You will log into your order page and download a complete essay. However, you are advised to always to check your account regularly to know the progress.

Note: We shall not submit any completed order via your email.

What if we don’t submit your essay is no in time?

If there is a delay in the submission of your essay, then contact our support team and launch a complaint immediately. You can either forward your complaint via text message or live chat. Then our team will take time to go through the issue and provide a viable solution. Various reasons could have led to the delay. Maybe you used an incorrect email when you were registering. Or perhaps your SPAM filter doesn’t allow you to receive emails from us. Nevertheless, our support team will do everything to help you.

Orders and Payment Questions

How do I create an order?

We have provided a step to step procedure on how you can create an order; please check About Us. Besides, we have also created a tutorial video on how you can create a request; please check it out.

How do I make Payments?

For payment, you will use the “Order Now” page after you complete the order form. We have various modes of payments though we mainly use PayPal for now. Then our system will deduct a transactional fee from your bank or PayPal.

Are there, Refunds?

Yes. In case you are not satisfied with our services, probably the requirements were not fully met, we can ask the writer to make necessary adjustments. But if the writer is not able to do it and you feel you want to revoke the contract, then we will refund your money. You can launch a refund request anytime.

How much can a writer earn?

The amount you earn is dependent on the amount of effort you invest in writing. So those who shall have completed more essays and projects make more and also get more ratings.

How sure can I be that you will pay me?

We guarantee your payment when you work with us. After all, we have a secure mode of monetary transactions that no one can scam you when you are working with us. We have a transparent and safe system. And the Billing and HR team are always available to help in handling any issues to do with payments.

Client-Writer Related Questions

Can I communicate with a writer directly?

Absolutely. While you can talk directly to our writers, the conversations must be on the platform. And no client or writer is allowed to share a contact or personal details because of the admin moderates all client-writer chats.

What is the advantage of giving projects to a particular writer?

We can help you get a particular writer who understands the nature of your assignment. And yes, if you like a specific writer, then we encourage you to always work with him/her.

What is my Tutor’s qualification?

Our team at eminencewriters.com at qualified professionals. There are those with masters, other with Ph.D., and other bachelor’s degrees. They have various lines of specializations, subjects, and topics. That is why, when you place an order, we check the subject of the essay and match it with a relevant writer. These are some of the elements that help to check the expertise of a tutor/writer:

  • Tutor’s mastery of written English and grammar
  • Academic and professional experience
  • Formatting and citation expertise
  • The writer’s ratings
  • Writers availability


From where do we hire our writer?

We hire top writers from majorly English speaking countries across the world. However, our clients may prefer:

  • Best available grade saver writer
  • Advanced (High quality)
  • ENL (US, CA, UK, AU)