Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Once you place an Order with us, we provide you with permission to create a personal account with The client can load and store funds with his/her account. It’s this money that shall be used to pay our academic writers for the services we offer. When the writer has shown progress in working on the order, the client can release part of the compensation. The money the client releases covers what the writer has done so far.
However, onlinegradesavers encourages the release of money to our writers once the writer completes the entire paper. And once the client has approved the work to meet the standards in marking rubric.

Instances Where Refund is Obligatory

Unfortunately, we don’t refund for any order that a client has received and approved. However, there is a possibility to refund the client in certain circumstances such as:

  • Where we preserved the money for the particular order, and the writer didn’t receive a fraction of it. In such instances, the client will receive back the money that we reserved if he/she cancels the order. The refund shall not include the payments for additional features or the fees he/she already released to the writer.
  • Where the client is not satisfied with how the writer has done the order, or maybe the writer is unwilling to commit to the client’s requirements anymore.

Instances Where There Shall Be No Refund

The client is, however, not entitled to refund when the following cases exist:

  • Where we have already paid the money for an Order to the writer. Since by releasing the money to the writer, the client confirms that he/she has reviewed the submitted essay/paper. When a client pays, he/she confirms that he/she has accepted and approved the work. Therefore, is not liable for any refund. And the client has no right to place any claim for reimbursement.
  • Once the client marks the order as completed, we consider it closed. Therefore, we cannot do any refund transaction. Besides, we encourage no further corrections, uploads, or communications with our writers regarding a task we have completed. To this reason, we advise every client to review every assignment before approving them thoroughly.
  • Where a client requests for compensation for other additional features regarding the order. We’ve made it clear that once the writer has duly provided services for extra features, we can’t process any refund transaction.

Once a client has received in his/her account the duly completed order, if he/she doesn’t request for any revision, it means h/she is satisfied. He/she will download the final version. Then we shall pay 100% of the funds to the writer. Besides, seven days upon the expiry of order timeline, we will close that particular project. And we shall allow no other revision or transaction on it.

Procedure for Refund

Here is the Procedure for Request Refund:
To create a refund request, we ask the client to contact the Support Team. The client can do it via live chat or text messaging. Better yet, there is a tab for reaching out to the support in the client’s account. Therefore, the client will have to explain the reasons for requesting a refund. If the requests are legally binding and are per the Terms of Use of, then we will initiate a refund process. We always begin processing the refund within 24 hours from the moment a client places the request.
When the team has approved the request, we shall send the client a refund confirmation notification. Then our company shall process the refund transaction within 3 to 5 business days from the date of confirmation.
You can, therefore, be sure to get your money back ONLY under the conditions stated above.