Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
At, we take matters dealing with security and privacy so seriously. That is why when it comes to dealing with our client’s personal information, we handle with carefulness. So this privacy policy gives a guideline and insight into what our clients need to know regarding how we collect and use their data. Mostly, these pieces of information we gather from you help us improve our model of service delivery to our users. It’s therefore essential that you go through it, understand and approve it before you enter into a contract with us.
We are determined to make your experience on the website as exciting and as convenient as possible. But also, we want to assure you that whenever you are interacting with any of our services, your data is safe. Everything we do should not make your fear because we take it us our responsibility to honest and reliable. Apart from being a dynamic platform that delivers quality, we also uphold integrity and ethics. So we will not infringe your privacy rights neither will we share your private details publicly.

Some of the Personal Information that We May Ask from You
Remember, every piece of information that we might have taken from you is in the custody of our security. And we only use such data to maintain a friendly relationship with you as our user. Meanwhile, we have no business sharing your private data with other people. Unless you permit us to share your private data, we are committed to keeping it secret.
Some of the personal information that we are going to ask from you include:

  • The client’s full name
  • Clients Email address or contact details.

Besides, there are other electronic data that our system may collect from you through cookies, you can check out our cookie policy by clicking terms of use. All these data help to enhance our client’s personal experience while using our website.

The Purpose of This Privacy Policy
We have drafted this policy to act as a legally binding document between our company and our clients. It explains the relationship between us and our clients in regards to how we use their data. Therefore, from this policy, a user/client should understand why we gather, store, and use their data. Essentially, this privacy policy is to reinforce a trustworthy relationship between and its clients. And since we can restrict access to our database, we guarantee the total security of our clients’ personal information.

Collection of Personal Information
We can use various genuine means to collect data from our users. We can either receive them directly from a client or indirectly from a representative. Whenever you have a contract with, we always collect your data for processing. Sometimes we can enter into a contract with you directly, or we use our partners who act on our behalf to sign up a contractual agreement. Besides, we may also get some of your information from a third party who has the right and consent to release your information to us.
Remember that we always use the data we collect mostly for contact purposes and to create a lasting relationship with our customers. Some of the information also helps us match the client’s product requests, among other in-house applications. We can retrieve the data during any of the following circumstances:

  • During the first transaction, where the client uses our website to make purchases. The client’s personal information is always automatically applied when creating an account with
  • We may gather your data when you are placing an order with us. During this time, we may need some specific details, and in the process, we may collect the client’s personal information. The information may comprise; the client’s year of study, the subject of the course, and the name of the course.
  • We will need a client’s email address when he/she is filling in the newsletters.
  • Wherever a client participates in the online surveys, contests, or any other interactive engagements, we may collect the data. During these online interactions, we may take the chances to gather some few details regarding a client’s personal information.

Other Information that We May Also Collect
The moment you visit our website or land on the member communities, our system automatically gathers the following information:

  • The IP address of the device you are using
  • Information about the method you used to log in to our website
  • How long you stayed on the page
  • How frequent you visited our website

Since we have a proper channel through which our support team communicates with our clients, we may gather and store the history of communications. These stored pieces of information help us trace and retrieve messages in case of emerging issues.
Cookies are the most commonly used tools to pick data that can help us understand the user’s habit, trend, and time when using our website. With the help of cookies, we can determine how long you always take on our pages, whether you are impressed or disappointed. Eventually, this critical information helps us package our services in a better way.

How Do We Use the Data We’ve Collected? gathers enough and only relevant data for the enhancement of our service delivery. But there are also other uses of the pieces of information we collect, which include:

  • Fulfillment of legal requirements
  • Enhancing proper communication with our users
  • For use during an emerging case
  • For asserting the type of users and the type of services they prefer.
  • Determine the most viewed and visited products and services by our users.

While we privately store the personal information of our users, but during the purchase of our essays and writing services, we may use them. The company always use data to:

  • Amend the website, improve the app or pages. Sometimes we may need to fix the broken links to enhance security measures.

Improve client and the company protection against fraudsters.

What We May Share has taken enough measures to handle your data with carefulness. Therefore, we will not share the details you wouldn’t want us to share. However, there are instances when we can share, like:

  • Where a third party is a partner with, and we have approved their services.
  • Where the third party is in a contract with the company for certain services like payment processors, advertisers, administration of surveys, others may be doing activities like contests, delivering emails, or other entities that work with customer relations in the company.
  • Where the information should help to correct the performance, we put the third party in strict terms and conditions regarding the usage of data. So, there is no cause of alarm.

Why We May Process Your Personal Data
We may process your personal information because:

  • We are in a contract with you.
  • You’ve given us unlimited access to your data.
  • We should supply you with the services you need.
  • To comply with laws and regulations.