Terms of Use

Terms of Use
The following are our terms and conditions. They are supposed to show the relationship between our clients and us. It’s therefore essential that you read them, understand and agree with them before you enter into a contract with onlinegradesavers.com.

Definitions: We have clearly defined our mission and commitment. Our team comprises of professional writers and editors who have committed themselves to deliver a quality essay and academic papers. What you have been missing in the industry is what we have now brought; hence, we guarantee you better services.

Meanwhile, onlinegradesavers.com provides with a list of definitions for all the services and technical terms that we use in our contracts. We hope these definitions will be simple, clear, and easy to understand.

Client: Is the person or entity that enters into a contract with the company for any academic or non-academic writing purposes.
Charges: the total sum of money that a client must pay for the entire task of writing a college assignment provided by onlinegradesavers.com. The costs vary from one job to the other depending on the size, subject, urgency, and nature of the academic task.

Acceptance Criteria: It’s the total compliance with all the warranties that we have specified in terms of use of the company.

Client Confidential Information: It means
Any piece of information that a client discloses him/herself, or through his/her agent to us at any time during the period of the contract before termination. The client may reveal the information orally, in writing, or both.

  • the client must have indicated or marked the data as confidential or
  • should be informed that a writer can reasonably perceive as confidential
  • We can also highlight a particular contract as confidential
  • Any essay work delivered by our writer to the client is also secret

Client Materials: Refers to all the sources, materials, tasks, and items that a client supplies us with to help us work on the essay, or for us to incorporate as part of the deliverable.
Client Personal Data: is any personal data that is manufactured by a writer on behalf of the client about writing a particular essay or assignment with the terms of a contract.
Term: Say the contract term; the beginning and end of a particular contract as provided by the clauses of this document.

Services: Under this document, the term Services will mean researching, writing, typing, proofreading, and formatting higher education essays and assignments.
Writer: is an individual whose profession is to write academic essays or other paper works and is an employee at onlinegradesavers.com. He/she must have the company’s identity on his/her profile.
Deliverable: it’s the output or the product of the writing work by a writer from onlinegradesavers, which we must prepare for delivery to our client. To say, it’s what we send to the client under the terms and conditions that we both signed.

Intellectual Property Rights: includes all the intellectual property rights that are applied in the entire industry and globally for registered companies. Also, it consists of any application or power of appeals. Our intellectual property rights comprise copyright and related rights, database rights, software properties, name of the company, patents, trademarks, logo, service marks, or any other confidential information.
Statement of Work: it’s a written statement of agreement to work by the involved parties or the representatives of the parties. And the parties here referred to are the company and a client, or the company and a writer.


  • Onlinegradesavers.com agree to provide the best quality of writing services to meet the premier standard. And our writers begin working on your paper once you have submitted all the details and has signed the contract.
    The contract terminates when the writer submits the work, the client has downloaded it, and has affirmed the quality, and has fully compensated the writer for the task.
  • The client can enter into a new contract(s) with us if he/she desires to continue working with our writers for other subsequent tasks.
  • The writing terms for onlinegradesavers are independent of each other.


  • We provide you the best writing for your university essay papers. Your grade can only rise if you get a professional writer helping you with your assignment, and onlinegradesavers are the best. Our writers are committed to serving you with the best paper, with top quality.
  • Our company provides a wide range of services, ranging from academic homework and assignments to other corporate paper works.
  • Adept writers thoroughly research our project papers, and they write excellent essays, term papers, dissertations, vocational essays, University essays, A-level papers, CV and resume, typing of assignments, homework. And there are many other services you can get if you click on Our Services.
  • At any particular time, the writer shall maintain a proper communication channel with a client. He/she must keep updating the client of the progress whenever a client asks about the development.
  • The company doesn’t accept any low quality and substandard articles, and the writers know about it. So they always strive to give their best shot.
  • We also have a reliable support team that will guide you in every step on how to use our tools. They will be available 24/7 to keep serving appropriately; you can have a live chat with them at any time
  • In case you have a task that may not fall into any of the categories we have, you can let us know so that we adjust. One of our features is flexibility; we are ready to compromise so that we reach out as many students as possible.


  • The writer shall deliver the ‘deliverable’ to the client.
  • The clients must indicate the deadline for submitting the essay to help the writer know the timelines.
  • Upon the submission of the essay or article, a client has the rights to either accept or decline the work if he/she is not satisfied.
  • The writer shall deliver the deliverable to the client.
  • The client must provide the time frame early enough so that the writer can have ample time for writing.
  • The writer must always strive to:
  • Submit an article that is free from plagiarism.
  • The format and structure of the essay are correct.
  •  Follow the instructions and requirements to the later
  • Submit an entirely written paper within time.


  • Once we establish a mutual recognition to work on a project with our client, we begin the service straight away. And we will submit the task within the time you had indicated unless otherwise.
  • Within three days after submission, the client shall
  • Review the article/ essay that we submitted if we followed all the instructions and the work is satisfactory.
  • Notify the writer of the feedback from his/her review, indicating where there was noncompliance or approving the work altogether.
  • The client has the liberty to either accept or refuse the work. If the client approves the deliverable, he/she completes the payment, and that particular contract with onlinegradesavers terminates.
  • In case the submitted essay doesn’t satisfy the client, we will ask for more time so that the writer can reread the instructions and rewrite the academic paper.
  • If the writer is not willing to comply with the new status of the task, we will reassign the job to a new writer. But if the client isn’t ready to work with us anymore, we revoke the contract and refund the client the deposit.

Client Materials:

  • The client will supply us with all the relevant and critical materials we need to complete the writing service.
  • We will want the writer to send original and licensed materials.
  • No one, including our writers, will be permitted by the company to use the client’s materials elsewhere except for completing the academic assignment for our client.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • We, the onlinegradesavers.com, respect all the legal terms that relate to writing and intellectual property rights.
  • We assure all our clients the security and privacy of their data.
  • The client will own all academic works; term paper, homework, essays, dissertations, thesis, and others once he/she has fully paid for the service.
  • We shall not use the papers that we have submitted to our client elsewhere, nor sell it to another client.
  • The client owns and claims full ownership for an essay or paper he/she has paid.
  • We shall maintain our quality standard. Onlinegradesavers shall not permit any plagiarism into the academic work.


  • At onlinegradesavers.com, we don’t have fixed rates for our academic papers and services. The price change according to the size, nature, subject, and urgency of the task.
  • Very urgent tasks will attract higher charges.
  • A level essay will attract lower rates
  • Thesis, dissertations and term papers may cost higher than other articles
  • The charges are however negotiable. And you can make your payment on Order Now tab once you have created an account.
  • There will be taxes and fee deductions on financial transactions from your bank account or PayPal account.

Time Frame

  • If you give us a task plus a timeline, we keep our word by submitting a complete work within the time frame so that we don’t inconvenience you.
  • In case we experience any challenges that would bar us from delivering in time, we will let the student know in time so that we readjust on the agreement


  • The student must make payments for the task on the “Order Now” page while he/she is creating the order.
    We will complete payments through a secure and confidential Gateway-PayPal.
  • Onlinegradesavers will never collect or store details regarding our client’s credit card since we value the privacy space for all.
  • We will compensate our writers through their PayPal accounts once we receive the invoice. The invoice must have an order number, total number of pages the writer completed and the number of bonuses he/she accumulated.
  • We shall pay all our writers in time without any delay.

Writer’s Confidentiality Obligation:

  • A writer may directly interact with a client while on the platform of onlinegradesavers.com
  • However, no writer is allowed by our terms of use to exchange personal details/contacts with a client.
  • Our technical team monitors every conversation between a writer and a client. Any misbehavior amounts to freezing of the writer’s account
  • The writer will use live-chat or text conversations to discuss matters in the writing business only.
  • Onlinegradesavers provides enough data protection and privacy to all our writer. We shall preserve all personal information about the writers that we have.

Writer’s Publicity Obligation:

  • Onlinegradesavers writers have their personal lives, and we don’t have an obligation to control or monitor their independent lives outside the workplace.
  • No writer should take to the public-private information or subject that is related to the writing contract at onlinegradesavers.com.
  • Writers are free to go public outside the work premises. Therefore, we accord our writers unlimited freedom to disclose anything about themselves to the public without involving any damaging information from the company.

Data Protection

  • In total compliance with data protection laws, we guarantee our clients absolute protection to their data.
  • We shall not only preserve the personal data but also the purpose to which the client gave it to us. We shall maintain even personal information processed by our writer following specific instructions (GDPR). The writer is obliged according to the law to keep all data given or processed by the writer for the client.
  • In case our writers want to delete or add any personal data, they shall do it following the laws protecting personal data.


  • Our top team assures every client that enters into a contract with our quality and satisfactory services.
  • The company has all the modern tools that make our website more accessible and more secure to use. We are so far the best in the industry.
  • Our staff and writers are well trained and professional, yet we offer you their services at reasonable and affordable rates. You can easily hire our writers to help with your university essays.
  • To our writers and editors, we offer the best conducive workplace. At onlinegradesavers.com you work, earn and keep learning as you grow. We promote well-managed corporate machinery that will steer the academic writing industry on a larger scale.


  • We shall affirm our transparency and honesty in the corporate world of academic writing
  • Our payment methods shall at all-time remain transparent, secure, and trustworthy.
  • We shall refund our clients if we cannot satisfy his/her standard of the essay.
  • We shall come through to cover any damages if we breach the agreement contract between a client and us.
  • A client will also be held accountable for breaching any of the terms and conditions of using our services.
  • A writer who breaches the rules and regulations shall be held accountable by the company. And any punitive action can be taken by the company according to the laws.

Limitations and Exclusions of Liability

  • A client has no rights to effects changes and modifications on a task that a writer has started working. He/she can change the instructions or add more details before a writer begins the job.
  • If at all, a client forgot to attach particular instructions and would want us to incorporate, then it will work under new terms. We may ask the client to make adjustments like adjusting the deadline or changing the charges for the order.
  • A client shall enjoy the benefits of unlimited revisions until the writer completes the work to satisfaction.
  • Writers must do quality work once to avoid revisions and repetitions.
  • A writer may attract some bonuses for extra pages he/she shall have written.


  • We can terminate a contract between a client and onlinegradesavers.com in case there in breach of our terms of use. We shall revoke the contract at any time of the project, whether at the beginning, in progress or at the end.
  • The company can terminate the membership of a writer and freeze the account if the writer is found to be dishonest or incompetent. Or where the writer has made a personal decision to leave the company.
  • The company can terminate all contracts with its staff when it goes bankrupt. The termination shall take effect only after our finance department has fully compensated the team.

Effects of Termination

  • We will pay the writers all the income they accrued for the tasks they completed and the client approved. This financial compensation will take place three months after the termination of the contract.
  • A client shall be refunded by onlinegradesavers.com in case we terminate the contract before we completed the task.
  • No affected party shall continue enjoying any rights from the company after we’ve terminated the contract.

Status of Writer

  • He/she shall remain the employee of the company as long as he/she retains the membership account. And the writer shall be responsible for his/her actions within the platform.
  • We can affect certain deductions or compensations to the writer’s account. We will do it following particular consequence as long as he/she is an employee at onlinegradesavers.com.


  • We shall formally notify a writer or a client in regards to anything about the order
  • We shall give the warnings within time so that a writer can find enough time to go through tasks orders that are affected by the notices.


  • We don’t provide any legal framework for subcontracting another person to write on your behalf. We recommend that a writer should only pick a task he/she can handle.
  • Meanwhile, if a writer chooses to subcontract, we will demand from him/her quality essay that meets our standards.
  • Our contracts only define our relationship with our writers and not any subcontracted party. The writer will be held responsible for any mistakes.


  • The agreement here doesn’t include severability hence any third party rights.
  • It’s a deal between the company and a client, or a company and a writer.
  • The document here is written and signed electronically. It has exclusive jurisdiction for the company and is a related property of our company.

Interpretation: It has statutory references, and section headings do not affect interpretation. There is no ejusdem generis.